Pakistani dramas 2018

Pakistani dramas are famous worldwide, and this fact makes us proud! Every year, a great number of quality dramas are produced and still, we crave for more!

Check it out! It seems pretty promising and is in our must-watch list of On set with amnashaikh and her super cute daughter drama serial nibah bigbangentertainment aamirqureshi.

Nibah is definitely one of the most awaited drama to watch in Starring some of the great names including, Asif Raza Mir and Aminah Sheikh along with Sawera Nadeem, this drama has raised our expectations.

It will be interesting to watch the chemistry between this trio. The cast of Khasara is enough to raise our expectations and they share pretty amazing chemistry off the set. Danish Taimoor is back on screen. Atish-e-ishq tentative title of furqankhanofficial Khan upcoming serial featuring mega cast Danishtaimoor RubinaAshraf Aghatalal Najia and many more Ushnashah Is wearing Fashion designer mona. Looking forward to this serial. TNIproduction bts furqankhan zeeshankhan dramaserial comingsoon.

Tabeer seems like another interesting story, directed by Ahson Talish. This was our list of upcoming dramas to watch in There will be many others hitting our screens, for sure! Log in to leave a comment. Movies All Pakistan Bollywood Hollywood. VeryFilmi is a one-stop entertainment hub for all movie, TV and music enthusiasts. With all the hottest news on celebrities, movies, TV shows, music and fashion — VeryFilmi brings you the best scoops, celebrity gossip and exclusive content.

Contact us: write veryfilmi. April 8, April 14, Dil Mom Ka Diya is the story of a family where an elder brother, looks after all the siblings. He gets married to a self-centered and careless girl. Instead of acting sensibly in taking care of household duties she creates a rift with all the family members. Things get out of hand when she starts neglecting her children. Azhar develops feeling for Tamkinat and wants to marry her but his family is scared by the example set by Ulfat. Meanwhile, Ulfat also opposes this proposal, considering it a threat to her supremacy in the house.

But despite all odds, Tamkinat gets married to Azhar and acts very responsibly knowing that her cousin Ulfat has behaved very badly in the family.

Farhat, played by Alizay Shah, is the younger sister of Ulfat facing all the hardships of life. The story revolves around the male protagonist Asfand, he is a mid-aged, well-mannered, simple and sophisticated man of character who lost his parents at an early age.

However youngest sister Nabila is a soft-hearted, young and innocent girl. Asfand was already coping up with the anomalies of life, when in a very unfavorable situation he met Sadia, an elderly aged woman with a young and beautiful daughter Nimra.

Initially Nimra dislikes Asfand but due to his kindness and sincerity she accepted him as Baba Jani.

5 Upcoming Pakistani Dramas to Watch in 2018

Life was never easy for Asfand, the sensitivity of his relationship with her step-daughter Nimra is not approved by the society and hence the suffering continues. Will Asfand be able to live a peaceful life with his family?

pakistani dramas 2018

Ab Dekh Khuda Kiya Karta Hai is based on the life of a fraudulent businessman Jan-e-Alam who manipulates young innocent girls who are chronically jobless, by giving them a job and subjecting them to improper advances. Many women working under Jan-e-Alam are constantly harassed, subjected to assaults, and slandered when they refuse the advances of their boss. Maryam, the female protagonist, also gets victimized by him. When she refuses to comply with his inappropriate demands, he traps her in a business scam and gets her jailed.

In a society, where it is so easy for a young girl to lose her dignity and to stain her reputation because of uncontrollable circumstances, will Maryam ever get riddance from sick minded Jan-e-Alam? Will karma ever teach him a lesson? From here onwards, unfolds a story of abuse, shame and survival. Balaa is a unique tale of jealousy, obsession, and selfishness.

It revolves around a proud and dominant, Nigar, who destroys the lives of people around her due to her own insecurities and imperfections. Nigar, played by the immensely talented, Ushna Shah, is a beautiful girl belonging to a rich family, but with a dominating and stubborn nature. She is a cripple and is highly insecure of others due to her own imperfections. She feels that her father loves Junaid more, which is why she hates him.

Taimoor, played by the dapper, Bilal Abbas, is the handsome cousin of Nigar whom she is in love with. Zafar, played by the maestro, Sajid Hasan, is the father of Nigar and Junaid. He considers Nigar his lucky charm as he became rich soon after she was born. Saba, played by Azekah Daniel, is a simple and innocent girl. She is the maternal cousin of Taimoor whom he is in love with and wants to get married to. Saba leaves him stranded on the day of their marriage, and this leaves Taimoor heartbroken.

LATEST Top Pakistani Dramas – 2018

Nigar takes advantage of his vulnerable state and gets close to him, making him fall in love with her. She is a chirpy young girl, full of life.Tum Ho Wajah.

Dil Ruba. Soteli Maamta. Khoob Seerat. Shehr E Malal. Wafa Kar Chalay Episode Soteli Maamta Episode Rabba Mainu Maaf Kareen Episode Ye Dil Mera Episode Hamari Kahani Episode Mera Qasoor Episode Thora Sa Haq Episode Munafiq Last Episode Khoob Seerat Episode Munafiq 2nd Last Episode Deewangi Episode Raaz-e-Ulfat Episode Zara Sambhal Kay Episode Janbaaz Episode Dard Rukta Nahi Episode Saza E Ishq Episode Ahad and Sajjal Marriage Ceremony Date.

Sanam Jung Umrah Performance Pictures.Youtube F Live with Dr. Shahid Masood - 17th July Today Latest Youtube Full Dailymotion Full. Posted by Pak Media Shows. Labels: 11th Hour. Labels: Hasb e Haal.

Labels: Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal. Labels: Ki Jaana Mein Kaun. Labels: Katto. Labels: G For Gharida. Labels: Power Play. Labels: News Eye. Labels: Kal Tak.

Labels: Muqabil. Labels: Dard Ka Rishta. Labels: Babban Khala Ki Betiyan. Labels: saaya. Labels: Good Morning Pakistan. Labels: Ghughi. Labels: Phir Wohi Dil. Labels: Haara Dil. Labels: Noor. Labels: Off The Record. Labels: Aik Larki Aam Si. Labels: Koi Chand Rakh. Labels: Maa Sadqey. Labels: Capital Talk.

LATEST Top Pakistani Dramas – 2018

Labels: Faisla Aap Ka. Labels: Tonight With Fareeha. Labels: Mohabbat Zindagi Hai. Labels: Ishq Ya Rabba.Pakistan is a neighbouring country of India that in Asian continent.

Its capital is Islamabad. The film and television industry in Pakistan is very popular among its citizens. Television holds the major share in the entertainment sector.

Television industry in Pakistan started in the year in Lahore. The first ever satellite channel PTV-2 of Pakistan started in Inthe government of Pakistan opened new ways to television industry by allowing private TV channels to telecast news, current affairs and other programs.

pakistani dramas 2018

With the rise in private channels, the content on television started pouring in. Dramas or Serials enjoys the maximum attention.

Pakistan television industry has given many beautiful and memorable serials to the country and to the world. Their serials are loved by the audiences of neighbouring countries and the world. The serial was inspired from a novel of same name by the writer itself. The serial revolves around the female protagonist named Shehla who was adopted by a renowned person and her struggle for love and survival.

It was aired on Urdu1 and was directed by Yasir Nawaz. It was a successful show of the channel. Even before its release, the serial managed to gather huge attention and created high wave of anticipation among the viewers. The fresh pairing of Imran Abbas and Ayeza Khan was also loved by the audience. The drama shows the struggles and social issues of glamour industry and upper-class families.

Baandi Episode #01 HUM TV Drama 14 September 2018

It shows and explores different attitudes towards certain profession likes politics, modelling and Film profession. The serial was set against the theme of old Pakistani film industry and shows the struggles of different characters from the days of mid-sixties. The show reflected the new perspective and interesting plot related to the flourishing Pakistani film industry. The show was written by Faiza Iftikhar provides a fascinating and interesting insight into the familiar faces of the film industry.

A new drama on A-plus channel was aired. The background music of the serial was sung and produced by Ahsan Perbvais Mehdi.This is a list of Pakistani films released in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Wikipedia list article. See also: List of highest-grossing Pakistani films. Retrieved 4 April Daily Times. Retrieved 1 April Retrieved 12 September Retrieved 23 August Retrieved 6 July Retrieved 31 January Geo News.

The Express Tribune. Retrieved 3 January Retrieved 5 February Retrieved 13 January The News. Retrieved 23 February Dawn Images. Retrieved 4 January Retrieved 29 March Retrieved 2 December ARY News.April of is about to end in 2 weeks, and we as of now have a convenient hand down of 5 Top-Rated Pakistani Dramas. Inwhich have been confirmed sellouts from the very first moment of their appearance on our TV screens. From the previous decade, the TV business is enraged the movies of excitement segment of our nation.

All on account of government, which allowed private TV stations to contribute their important offer in media opening. And broadcast fascinating stories of show, emotion, illegal behavior and social mindfulness on our screens.

pakistani dramas 2018

Thinking about the thankfulness and attachment to gatherings of people, we have limit recorded the 5 Top-Rated Pakistani Dramas in So Far, which certainly should attach us investigating these fascinating dramatizations, solid messages and ridiculous stories of our general public. Seems like for the individuals who admire the moderate sentiment. This dramatization is nutty spread for sentimental souls.

Feroze Khan and Sana Javed are giving us major goals for this different love story. Altogether the 28 scenes of this variable show of a questionable figure Qandeel Baloch appeared to be exceptionally run of the mill in trailers and advancements. In any case, sooner after its telecom on Urdu 1, the reasonable personalities comprehended the mindset of its author describing a merciless dream of getting disrepute. And falling in the dull deception of society.

Probably a dubious biopic Pakistani Drama may not inspire some thick-heads, but rather for the individuals who comprehend the energy and dreams, must watch this nonsense of respect slaughtering. Saba Qamar has been exceptional in the drama as she has fulfilled the role with full spirit and devotion. Getting a charge out of the kindness of longest running show of 44 scenes on Hum TV. Alif Allah Aur Insaan has finished in the second seven day stretch of February The dramatization in light of trust and relations has been most loved for all times of individuals from This thoughtful Pakistani Drama of Hum Tv has passed the message to look for tolerance for getting a reward from your Lord.

In spite of breaking trust and love bonds with individuals for claim advantage. After enormous accomplishment of Humsafar and shehr e zaat, Alif Allah Aur Insaan will be known for its heartfelt statements and discoursed.

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